Removing the Barriers of Distance and Time

Partnering with companies including Polycom and Lifesize, Valley Communications installs Video Conferencing equipment over various transmission lines for single or multiple location feed sources.

By helping to integrate visual communication into our clients daily processes and workflows, Valley Communications is helping successful enterprises remove the barriers of distance and time, improving decision making, and achieving higher performance while reducing costs.

Leveraging open architectures and industry-standard design principles, Valley Communications Video Conferencing allows enterprises to apply visual communication throughout their organization, regardless of the mix of vendors providing other communication and network services.

Our experience providing standards-based offerings and services highlights our unique capability to span heterogeneous, multi-vendor environments with innovative and powerful visual communication.

Video/Audio Conferencing Benefits

  • Teams communicate and share knowledge more clearly

  • IT managers control video as an application on their IP network

  • Organizations vastly improve the quality of partnerships between employees, clients, and partners.

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