Clocks, Bells & Public Address

Keep everyone connected in your school or business with sophisticated communication, clock, and bell systems.

IP Based Paging Systems - For Educational and Commercial Environments

Leverage the latest digital, mobile and software technologies to address today’s educational and commercial environments, security challenges and mobile lifestyles.
  • Feature-rich Audio management & distribution including music/playlists, pre-recorded emergency announcements, networked audio distribution, and digital signage messaging.
  • Managed from a powerful, state-of-the-art system controller with an easy to use Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is accessible from any PC, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Telephony – Integrated and Elevated easily integrates with virtually any VoIP service provider, IP-PBX, or analog phone system to create a seamless communications platform.

Bell Schedule

Whether it’s the start of the day or time for lunch, keep everyone on time with customized bell schedules you can adjust anytime.
  • Sync bells to the building’s master clock and smart bell controller
  • Improve ease of use compared to analog bell systems
  • Customize schedules and unique dismissals through the software calendar view


Avoid confusion and delays by synching every clock with wired or wireless master clock solutions.
  • Synchronize clocks through time data sent by the master clock controller
  • Automatically adjust the clock system for daylight saving time
  • Communicate with bells and announcement systems to stay on time

Emergency Communications

In critical safety situations, keep everyone on campus informed with an automated notification system.
  • Deploy mass notifications and initiate lockdowns through one press of a button
  • Send alerts to faculty, staff, and families via text messages, phone calls, push notifications, emails, and voicemails
  • Protect your system with battery backup to guarantee functionality even in a power outage

Scalable Software-Based Solutions

Replace outdated analog technology with a software-based system you can manage district-wide and across multiple schools.
  • Select paging audiences, automate messages, and wirelessly connect to the intercom system with Voice Over IP
  • Visit the interface for a hierarchical view of your paging, clock, and bell system
  • Add new features, stations, and facilities anytime with unlimited scalability

Service & Maintenance

Aging intercom systems are difficult to hear and cause confusion. Update your technology and ensure it’s always performing with maintenance from our team.
  • Upgrade PA speakers and audio components for clear, helpful audio
  • Enjoy up-to-date systems and hardware built to last for decades
  • Expand your system with new paging zones, additional clocks, and outdoor components

Stay On Time, In the Know & Ready to Go

Whether you’re ringing the bell for early school dismissal or paging staff in the office, you need communication systems that are reliable and simple to use. Upgrade your clock, intercom, and notification systems by partnering with our team of professionals.
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