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How MediaVue Helped Valley Communications Empower Clients

Celebrating 78 Years! Valley Communications Systems thrives on the strength of the meaningful partnerships we've cultivated throughout our 78-year journey. Thank you for your role in shaping our legacy!

Valley Communications Systems, led by Joshua Kranz and Michael Tremble, celebrates 78 years this week in the commercial integration industry. Emphasizing client-centric values, we have forged a partnership with MediaVue Systems, elevating business operations and enhancing client experiences.

"In the commercial integration industry, successful firms are those that are built on a foundation of immense trust, loyalty and fruitful partnerships. Valley Communications Systems Inc., located in Chicopee, Mass., happens to be one such integration firm. The company, which was founded in 1945 under the leadership of Rita Tremble, has since remained on the cutting edge of integration, innovation and services. According to Joshua Kranz, president and CTO of Valley Communications, the core value of the company lies in its ability to go above and beyond with their clients. He remarks, “At Valley Communications, our main philosophy is making our clients look and feel good.”

It is this very philosophy that has made Valley Communications a trusted integrator in the commercial integration industry. It continues to provide attentive customer service, strong relationship building, along with custom, creative technology integration across several verticals. And part of this success, Kranz adds, is due to its longtime partnerships with manufacturers who also share this philosophy. This brings us to MediaVue Systems, termed as a true partner by Kranz. He states, “Taking care of customers is a team effort, and MediaVue’s willingness to provide solutions, management and direct support has been instrumental in dealing with our clients.” Kranz further notes that from an integrator’s perspective, it is vital to have a manufacturer partner that provides a deeper level of expertise to ensure a project’s success."

Read the full article here: https://www.commercialintegrator.com/business_resources/how-mediavue-helped-valley-communications-empower-clients/


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Enhancing Security Solutions: Join Us at the 2023 Valley Communications Systems & Avigilon Security Expo!

2023 Security Expo Blog Image

In a rapidly evolving environment, the importance of robust security solutions cannot be overstated. The 2023 Valley Communications Systems & Avigilon Security Expo offers an opportunity for end users, integrators, and partners to explore cutting-edge advancements in security technology. Hosted by Valley Communications Systems, this open house event aims to foster meaningful discussions and collaboration between attendees, Avigilon, and Valley representatives. If you are seeking innovative solutions to address your security challenges, mark your calendars for Thursday, September 28th, 2023!

Exploring Cutting-Edge Solutions: At the expo, you'll have the privilege of learning about Avigilon's latest offerings, designed to transform the way you approach security, as well as a number of other security industry leaders:

  • Avigilon Unity: Avigilon’s Video and Access Control feature next-generation analytics combined with Enterprise level access control.
  • Avigilon Alta (Formally AVA and Openpath): The future of cloud Video and Access Control.
  • Orchestrate: Improve response time by seamlessly integrating multiple security solutions into an easy-to-use workflow.
  • Avigilon Radio Alert: Alarms triggered by video analytics and access control are instantly pushed to the radios in the form of text messages and/​or text-to-voice alerts.
  • SALTO: The SALTO integration with Avigilon Unity Access provides facilities with a high number of doors to secure property effectively without complex and costly wiring.
  • Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD): Touchless weapons screening system which allows visitors to walk through without emptying pockets or bags and can screen over 3600 visitors per hour.
  • Bosch Intrusion Integration: Enables the monitoring of intrusion objects such as panels, zones and areas, to quickly identify what requires attention with easy-to-use filters.


Registration and an Exciting Giveaway: To secure your spot at this exclusive event, register today by visiting this Event Registration Link. Don't miss this opportunity to enrich your knowledge and keep yourself, your business, employees, customers, and clients safe.

Complimentary food and beverages will be available. Additionally, you have a chance to enter to win a ViewSonic VP16-OLED Portable Monitor, courtesy of our generous friends at ViewSonic. Their support also extends to providing a breathtaking 138" display for use at the expo, elevating the overall experience for everyone present.

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Valley Communications Systems, Inc. CEO, Michael Tremble, Joins Glenmeadow's Groundbreaking Ceremony and Gratitude Garden Party


Valley Communications Systems, Inc. CEO, Michael Tremble, Joins Glenmeadow's Groundbreaking Ceremony and Gratitude Garden Party

Longmeadow, MA, June 30, 2023 - Valley Communications Systems, Inc., a prominent community partner, proudly announces the participation of its CEO, Michael Tremble, in Glenmeadow's groundbreaking ceremony and gratitude garden party held on Friday, June 30. The event marked the start of Phase 2 of Glenmeadow's Capital Improvement plan, emphasizing enhancements in wellness, quality of life, and dining experiences.

Glenmeadow, a renowned Life Plan Community serving the greater Western Massachusetts area since 1884, provides a range of retirement living options. With its rich history and commitment to exceptional senior living, Glenmeadow's Capital Improvement plan represents a significant milestone in furthering their mission to offer outstanding services and support to their residents.

Valley Communications Systems, Inc. stands as a steadfast supporter of local businesses and is honored to be a part of Glenmeadow's exciting venture. By joining forces with Glenmeadow, Valley Communications Systems, Inc. reaffirms its dedication to the community and its commitment to fostering a thriving and inclusive environment for all.

The Digital Workplace: The User Experience and the Realities of Different Spaces


Several workplace trends that had been slowly gaining traction in recent years expanded rapidly over the course of the pandemic: specifically, a growing number of remote and hybrid employees and the rise of video conferencing platforms. While spaces (and their intended purposes) will vary, an important consideration is maintaining a consistent user experience for everyone, no matter their location, while still tailoring the solution to the space.


Whether it’s part of a company facility or a remote/home workstation — solutions for individuals need all the functionality of any space, no matter its purpose. It’s imperative that a remote worker feel as connected to a collaborative meeting as those occupying the same physical space. This means clear audio and video are essential whether sound is delivered via speakers or headphones — and the ability to share content quickly and easily with the team should be a top priority. Organizations should standardize hardware and software solutions to create an ecosystem that delivers consistency, equity, and engagement.

Small rooms are also referred to as huddle rooms, these spaces allow for one to five employees to collaborate are often used for brainstorming or strategic sessions. Functionality for wireless presentations and the option to collaborate and edit materials are often important in these spaces. The need for a guest to “BYOD” — “bring your own device” — for a presentation enters the equation here, too. As a result, your ecosystem can’t be completely walled-off from these applications, and your collaboration tools should be ready to communicate with third-party devices.

Medium rooms need all the functionality of a smaller room but need to comfortably seat up to 10 people and have a video display that’s large enough to be clearly viewed by anyone in the room. In this size room, audio and video start to need special attention to make sure that the mic array completely covers the available space. If sidebars or soft-spoken team members are added into the mix, it’s important that remote workers hear all that’s being said. And an intelligent video system gives all virtual participants an “equal seat at the table.”

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