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Valley History - 1971 We Enter The Telephone Business - Our Boldest Move

In the 70s Mrs. Tremble and Valley Communications established themselves as true visionaries and the ultimate in risk-takers by entering the telephone business and taking on AT&T ("Ma Bell") directly. With the advent of the Carter Phone Act, deregulation and competition in the telecommunications industry began. It certainly was not for the faint of heart. Today there is in excess of 1000 telephone companies offering a wide array of products and services. In the 70s there was one and only one, Ma Bell. From the beginning, the battle lines were drawn. Early on, the new kid on the telephone block, Valley Communications, encountered fierce competition from Ma Bell and the unions that supported it. Often times experiencing mysterious accidents with its equipment. Cut wires, cables, and uncooperative Ma Bell operations and support personnel. Ma Bell continuously challenged Valley Communications contracts in court, attempting to use its influence, power, and money to stop the Company in its tracks. But to no avail, because today, Valley Communications is nationally recognized as one of the largest independent telephone interconnects in the communications industry.

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