From New Installs To Expansions of Fiber-Optic, Cat6a, Cat6 and Cat5e—We Do It Right.

Valley Communications installs your voice, video and data cabling needs quickly. Whether you are upgrading an old system, installing a new system, relocating or expanding an existing system, we do it right.  Our trained and experienced installers will help with the layout of your data cabling installation, run the cables and test them to make sure your systems can connect anywhere in your organazition.

Voice Cabling - Any telephone, fax machine, credit card machine or any equipment that requires a connection to a telephone system or telephone company. Valley Communications can help ensure that your voice cabling is organized, safe and tested and any future upgrades will have minimum cost to convert. In the office, both of these cable systems can go together. The voice and data jacks, if modular, can share a common plate for ease of access. Data Cabling is primarily used for computers and peripheral data equipment (printers, plotters, scanners, etc.) connections.

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Cabling Manufacturer Partners

We carry a variety of major manufactures for our projects, such as...