Service & Maintenance Plans

Valley Service Plan

An Unparalleled Level of Support

Valley Communications Systems Service Plan provides an unparalleled level of support for customers. This plan allows customers to pre-purchase hours, creating a bank of time to be used in servicing their equipment. The service hours may be purchased in ten hour bundles. These ten hour bundles are good for one year. Any hours remaining after one year expire without the purchase of additional hours.

Our certified technicians are trained to diagnose and repair a wide variety of products, including, but not limited to, audio visual, security, telephony, network and broadcast equipment.  

If a replacement part is needed and covered under warranty, we will un-install the malfunctioning part and reinstall the replacement part provided by the manufacturer.

The Service Plan covers all travel and labor costs. Additional charges will apply for replacement parts outside of the manufacturer’s warranty. Each service visit will use a minimum of 1 hour* from the plan. After the first hour time will be used in half hour increments. 

* The minimum 1 hour use does not apply for remote assistance on applicable systems.

Valley Preventative Maintenance Program

On-Going Support to Keep Your Technology in Prime Condition

Our Preventative Maintenance Program is intended to find potential issues before they occur, providing customers with two visits per year and quarterly remote check-ins on applicable systems. Each preventative maintenance visit provides the customer with a comprehensive service report. This detailed report outlines all maintenance performed and provides a variety of valuable information for record keeping, including where applicable:

  • Equipment Usage Reports

  • Equipment Cleaning & Preventative Maintenance

  • Firmware Upgrades

  • Tracking of Serial Numbers and Warranty Information by Location

  • Recommendations for Lamp Replacements, Missing Parts, etc.

This program covers all Travel and Labor costs. Additional charges will apply for replacement parts outside of the manufacturer’s warranty. To be eligible for the program it must cover a minimum of five systems.