We offer Professional AV, Security, Broadcast , Telephone solutions and more. Providing Sales with Professional Installation, Engineering, Design, Programming, Service & Training.


Located in Chicopee Massachusetts, we are a diversified communications integration company, specializing in the custom design and installation of a wide range of commercial solutions for organizations of all types and sizes. We are your one source for communication and security needs. Established in 1945.

After your system is installed, we can provide the training you may need to use your new system effectively. Additionally, Valley Communications services everything it sells with highly skilled, certified and licensed technicians.

From Sales, to Installation, to Service—Valley Communications provides complete solutions to all your communications needs. Feel free to contact us for a list of our many satisfied Clients we have done business with over the years. Share in the benefits of our experience and expertise.


The Beginning - The Year 1945

Rita M. Tremble, the mother of 10 children, started Valley Communications Systems, Inc., originally known as Valley Cinema, Inc., in 1945 with the aid of a small loan from her husband Edward C. Tremble. The business stored and shipped motion pictures. An early success for the Company was the distribution and viewing of War Bond Movies through area organizations and businesses promoting and marketing war bonds to the general public. Mr. Tremble, working as the projectionist, received a Presidential Citation for his efforts. 


Valley Adds Other Technologies

In 1949 Valley Communications added engineered sound amplification systems for churches, synagogues, and auditoriums and in 1952 moved into video equipment with the addition of video cameras.

Mrs. Tremble recognized an opportunity and moved Valley Communications into the projection equipment business and camera supplies and service, quickly becoming "The Place" to purchase motion picture projectors, cameras and film.



Valley Enters The Telephone Business


In the 1970's Mrs. Tremble and Valley Communications established themselves as true visionaries and the ultimate in risk takers by entering the telephone business and taking on AT&T ("Ma Bell") directly. With the advent of the Carter Phone Act, deregulation and competition in the telecommunications industry began. It certainly was not for the faint of heart. Today there is in excess of 1000 telephone companies offering a wide array of products and services. In the 1970's there was one and only one, Ma Bell. 


Company Timeline

From the beginning the battle lines were drawn. Early on, the new kid on the telephone block, Valley Communications, encountered fierce competition from Ma Bell and the unions that supported it. Often times experiencing mysterious accidents with its equipment, cut wires and cables, and uncooperative Ma Bell operations and support personnel. Ma Bell continuously challenged Valley Communications contracts in court, attempting to use its influence, power and money to stop the Company in its tracks. But to no avail, because today, Valley Communications is nationally recognized as one of the largest independent telephone interconnects in the communications industry. 

  • 1945 - Valley Cinema, Inc. founded at 225 Bay Street in Springfield. MA.

  • 1949 - Added engineered sound - amplification systems for churches, synagogues, and auditoriums.

  • 1952 - Moved into video equipment with addition of video cameras.

  • 1955 - Added business security systems to the line ...concentrating on commercial, business and industry.

  • 1970 - Moved to current site at 20 1st Avenue in Chicopee, MA - a 23,000 square ft. building, located at the junction of Route 291 and Exit 6 of the Mass. turnpike.

  • 1971 - Added telephone interconnect division ...the company's boldest step.

  • 1993 - Changed the company name from Valley Cinema, Inc. to Valley Communications Systems, Inc., to better reflect the diversity of its products and services.