What to do with Campus Security


We often think that open space and a large number of buildings create an impossible task when it comes to security of personnel and possessions. There is also a wide established myth that the cost of such a daunting task would be too great to undertake.

The truth is the task is very much in hand with the new systems and technologies and the price tag is much lower than you would anticipate.  Certainly much less than a fatality, a stolen artifact or an act of aggression in the community.

Utilizing IP cameras and IP Video Management Systems we can mitigate attacks on people and many times prevent them from occurring in the first place. The point here is that armed with indisputable video proof, perpetrators will have a great chance of paying for their ill conceived adventures. 

In fact, video surveillance and access control together can create a great opportunity for improving labor efficiency, and effectiveness by its mere presence. We have many customers that utilize the technology to provide feedback to campus personnel on work related issues, management of   work crews and lease enforcement for tenants.  In effect having a set of “eyes” that continuously and permanently store information regarding our community is both a deterrent for crime and a protagonist towards efficiency. 

We have installed systems for schools, municipalities, enterprise, and Housing Authorities throughout New England with a stellar record of success.

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