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Valley partners with Bogen Communications to provide a variety of communication solutions for K-12 Schools, Colleges, and Universities at the facility, campus, and district levels. From large metropolitan school systems to individual charter schools, there is a Bogen paging and intercom system to fit your needs. Bogen offers state of the art pure Internet Protocol (IP), IP hybrid and analog paging and intercom systems, and time systems. Bogen's high-quality products are dependable, simple to install, and easy to use.

Valley provides the Design, Engineering, Installation, and Service for a complete solution for your communications needs.



QUANTUM Hybrid Systems

Quantum is Bogen’s mid-level IP hybrid communications network that connects administrative areas and staff locations in multiple building sites throughout a school campus or an entire school district.

  • Student Phones
  • Security Zone Alerts
  • Zones, Schedules, and Events
  • Prerecorded Messages
  • Call-In Confirmation
  • District-wide Communications
  • Upgrade Your Existing Multicom 2000 to a Quantum System
  • Expansion of Existing Facilities
  • Network Phone Connections
  • Network Connections to Remote Locations

MULTICOM Analog Systems

Multicom-2000 is an entry-level, hardware-based analog communications system designed for the paging and intercom needs of schools, institutions, and industry.

  • Emergency Link feature reroutes unanswered emergency calls so that there is always an answer
  • Telephonic functions: hold, conference call, call forward, and call transfer
  • Administrative telephones have alphanumeric displays with easy-to-use English language menu-driven setup and operation
  • 24 to 240 station capacity (each station can have a call device, phone, media control and loudspeaker)
  • Three station types: administrative, enhanced staff, or staff
  • Classroom station types 2500 phones or call-in switches
  • Microprocessor controlled, programmable from administrative station or local computer
  • Multiple simultaneous private and amplified voice communications
time systems.JPG

Time Systems & Master Clocks

From simple quartz wall clocks to GPS systems, to state of the art IP time systems; Bogen has the hardware and experience to help you select the system that is perfect for your school’s needs.

  • Wireless Clocks
  • IP Clock Systems
  • Master Clocks
  • Wired Clocks