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SMART Meeting Pro® Software for Business - Unbound Workspaces

Don't bother erasing. Just keep working. SMART Meeting Pro lets teams capture ideas in the virtually unlimited interactive workspace. The Unbound Workspace expands as colleagues add images, files, links and notes – even over multiple displays and meetings – for enhanced collaboration.

Key Features

  • Navigate the Unbound Workspace

  • Leverage multiple displays

  • Access the workspace

  • Customized templates

  • Advanced writing

  • Integrated screen capture

  • Works with your environment

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SMART Learning Suite for Education - Transform static content into interactive lessons

Lesson delivery, formative assessment, collaborative workspaces and game-based activities combined into one ultimate education software suite. The suite includes both a desktop and online experience.


Discover what teachers can do with SMART Learning Suite

  • Add interactive activities to PDF and PowerPoint® files, and Google Slides and Docs

  • Use the workflows from the platforms they know and their school has invested in

  • Control lesson delivery from mobile devices, including Chromebooks

  • Send lessons to students to work on individual handouts or contribute to workspaces from their devices

  • Switch from teacher-paced to student-paced anytime during lesson delivery

  • Work on SMART Learning Suite lessons at home

Powerful tools that spark active learning and elevate student outcomes

  • Interactive lessons

  • Collaborative workspaces

  • Game-based activities

  • Formative assessments

Desktop Software - SMART Notebook®

SMART Notebook® software for Windows and Mac comes with lesson creation tools, subject specific features and endless ways to wow students in any grade level.

Online - SMART Learning Suite

With SMART Learning Suite (SLS) Online, create lessons, activities and assessments anywhere, add interactive features to static content and share to any student device.

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SMART Remote Management - Cloud-Based Software - Any Device. Any Location.

If you need help managing and supporting devices across your organization, check out the new SMART Remote Management software Solution!


Any Device. Any Location.

Push updates. Send messages. Run diagnostics. SMART Remote Management lets education and business administrators maintain, control and secure devices from any web browser. Designed to centrally manage iOS®, Android™, Chrome OS™ and Windows® devices, and SMART Board® displays with iQ – SMART Remote Management is your one-stop solution.


  • Get real-time reporting

  • Configure to your device fleet

  • Know where your devices are