SMART Learning Suite for Education - Transform static content into interactive lessons

Lesson delivery, formative assessment, collaborative workspaces and game-based activities combined into one ultimate education software suite. The suite includes both a desktop and online experience.


Discover what teachers can do with SMART Learning Suite

  • Add interactive activities to PDF and PowerPoint® files, and Google Slides and Docs

  • Use the workflows from the platforms they know and their school has invested in

  • Control lesson delivery from mobile devices, including Chromebooks

  • Send lessons to students to work on individual handouts or contribute to workspaces from their devices

  • Switch from teacher-paced to student-paced anytime during lesson delivery

  • Work on SMART Learning Suite lessons at home

Powerful tools that spark active learning and elevate student outcomes

  • Interactive lessons

  • Collaborative workspaces

  • Game-based activities

  • Formative assessments

Desktop Software - SMART Notebook®

SMART Notebook® software for Windows and Mac comes with lesson creation tools, subject specific features and endless ways to wow students in any grade level.

Online - SMART Learning Suite

With SMART Learning Suite (SLS) Online, create lessons, activities and assessments anywhere, add interactive features to static content and share to any student device.

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