Tech Tub™ Cart


Copernicus Educational Products

Tech Tub™ Cart with 4 Premium Tech Tubs™ - Holds 24 Tablets (TEC624)

This mobile cart holds 4 Tech Tubs™ and has locking doors to provide added security. The cart fits through standard 30” doorways. Tech Tub™ Carts are an ideal solution for transporting devices from one location to another or used as a central resource for storing tech devices.

  • Includes 4 Premium Tech Tubs™ 
  • Holds 24 tablets
  • High level of security including tamper proof hardware  
  • Lock all four tubs to the cart with one lock 
  • Top shelf for laptop or other instructional use 
  • Locking storage for laptop, Apple TV, and USB Hub 
  • Cable/power strip management
  • 4" casters, 2 locking

*Note: requires a 4 plug outlet when charging

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