SMART kapp - Digital Capture Board

The Dry-Erase Board Reinvented. An easy replacement for any dry-erase board or flip chart

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A remarkable transformation from the dull, outdated dry-erase board or flip chart, SMART kapp combines true ease of use with the ability to share and save work in real time, on any device, anywhere in the world. 

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  1. Can you use it like a regular dry-erase board?
  2. Can I use color dry-erase markers?
    Yes, but when sharing with mobile devices, it will only display in Black and White.
  3. How do I capture what’s on the board to my mobile device?
    By using Bluetooth wireless or a USB drive.
  4. Can I share what is on the SMART kapp board?
    Yes. It provides Real-time sharing in which remote participants can be invited to view content in real-time using any browser.
  5. Is it Secure?
    Yes. Provides full data security - Shared content is immediately deleted when you disconnect your device.
  6. Do I need an Internet connection to use the capture board?
    No, however the mobile device that connects to the capture board requires Wi-Fi® or a mobile data plan to share a capture board session and to share snapshots to the Evernote® service or other cloud services.
  7. Do I have to install any software on my mobile device?
    Yes. When you first connect your mobile device, you’re directed to the Apple App Store or Google Play™ to download the SMART kapp app. After you download and install the app, you can use it to connect to your capture board and share content with others.
  8. What items are included?
    SMART kapp 42" capture board, Dry-erase marker (×3), Eraser, Bracket and hardware for mounting the capture board to a wall.
  9. What Mobile devices does it support? 

Apple Devices
 - iOS 7.1 or later operating system software
 - 50 MB storage
 - iPhone 4S or later
 - Third generation iPad or later
 - First generation iPad mini or later
 - Fifth generation iPod touch or later

Android Devices 
 - Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or later operating system
 - 50 MB of storage (internal or SD card)
 - Devices meeting the following specifications:
 - 1024 MB of RAM
 - 720p or better screen resolution

 - Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

Awards & Reviews

2014 New Product Innovation Award
- Frost & Sullivan 
Best Overall New Product and Best Presentation Product at InfoComm 2014
- Rave Publications
2014’s AV Products of the Year
- Systems Contractor News
“SMART kapp is the only dry-erase board you need.”
- ChipChick
“I bet your dry-erase board is not as smart as SMART kapp.”
- Gadgetify
“SMART kapp brings the dry-erase board to the 21st century.”
- Shelly Palmer
“For remote collaboration minded folks, the killer feature is the share capability.”
- Let's Do Video
“Not your meeting room’s old white board.”
- TechTarget
“Boards usually have no way to capture the results, except to take a snapshot with a smart phone.
- IT World Canada

The Mobile App

Connect your iOS or Android device to save content as snapshots and share your work in real-time.

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