Product Spotlight: SMART Response Interactive Response Systems

Using SMART Technology to Immediately Assess our Students

SMART Response Remotes As a teacher or an administrator, wouldn’t it be great if we could receive immediate feedback from our students about their learning? Wouldn’t educators feel less stress if we didn’t have to spend time we already don’t have correcting and inputting data for every assessment? And, wouldn’t it be helpful to teachers to know which students really did understand the lesson? SMART provides a product called SMART Response Interactive Response Systems. SMART Response gives educators the ability to immediately collect data and student feedback on assessments for student learning and comprehension allowing teachers to better facilitate student learning. SMART Response promotes student engagement through the interactive SMART Response remotes. Including SMART Response as part of the classroom would encourage retention of information as students can expect to be immediately assessed and held accountable for learning.

There are five unique models of the SMART Response Interactive Response Systems (SMART Response PE, LE, XE, CE and VE)

Most of the Response Systems pair wireless interactive remotes with assessment software that allows the teacher to create assessments, track and evaluate assessment results, and even view graphic images of results, such as a graph. All of the Response software pairs seamlessly with SMART Notebook software, so users with Notebook background can feel confident using Response. Response software also provides prompts to its users through each task for those less confident.

Response PE is suitable for most K-12 classrooms. The remotes for the PE include buttons for true/false, yes/no, numbers 0-9 and letters options A-J.

Response LE is best suited for learners in early education or students with special needs. The LE remotes include 5 large buttons, each a different color and with a different shape on the front for ease of use.

Response XE is best suited for secondary education. The XE remotes include a full Qwerty keyboard that will additionally allow students to enter full mathematical/scientific equations and short answers to questions.

Response CE is assessment software that allows students to answer questions to assessments at their computer as opposed to on the remote. Response CE integrates well with the student SMART Notebook SE (student edition).

Lastly is Response VE, which is a browser based product that allows students to answer Response assessment questions using an internet enabled device, such as an iPad or iPod Touch.

SMART Response is worth checking out and will surely become the wave of the future in an increasingly fast-paced world.



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