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Sharp AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display Systems

BIG screen. BIG impact. BIG advantages over conventional display solutions.


Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display systems are much more than your typical interactive white boards. Designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts, their highly responsive touch pens allow several people to write on the same touch screen at the same time.


  • Multi-purpose Applications - A Better Way to Make a Big Impression

  • Spectacular Screen Size - Up to 80” size to Convey Your Message with Greater Impact

  • Spectacular Image Quality - Uniform Brightness with Low Energy Consumption

  • User-Friendly Sharp Pen Software™ Interface - Control Every Presentation Like a Pro

  • MFP Connectivity - Documents and images scanned from a color-scan-capable Sharp MFP

  • Work Smarter with SHARP Display Connect - SHARP Display Connect software supports effective and multifaceted communication.

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Viewsonic IFP7550 75” Commercial Interactive Flat Panel Display

delivers incredible collaborative capabilities for 21st century boardrooms and classrooms!


Featuring 4K Ultra HD resolution and an immersive 20-point touch screen, the ViewSonic® ViewBoard® IFP7550 delivers incredible collaborative capabilities for 21st century boardrooms and classrooms. With astonishing 20-point simultaneous touch capabilities and pre-installed ViewSonic vBoard® annotation software, this 75” interactive flat panel lets multiple users write or draw on the screen with their fingers and styluses.


  • Ultra HD Resolution 3840x2160

  • 20-point Multi-touch Interactive Screen

  • Add-on Qwizdom Software - Oktopus™ & Ximbus™

  • ViewBoard® 2.1 Annotation Software - Teaching whiteboard

  • Built-in ARM Quad-core CPU with 16GB Storage

  • Out-of-Box Collaboration - Embedded Software

  • ViewBoard™ Interactive Annotation Software

  • Air Class Remote Quizzes - Multiple choice and text questions can be displayed on the ViewBoard and shared with remote users.

  • Camera Mounting Bracket for Video Conferencing

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SMART Board® 7000 Pro series Interactive Displays for Corporate Applications

SMART Board® Interactive Display 7000 Pro series. Where breakthroughs happen.


Sizes 75" & 86"

Breakthroughs happen faster when your teams can gather meeting notes, documentation and inspiration in one digital workspace. The SMART Board 7000 Pro series with iQ is made for quick brainstorming sessions, and connecting remote teams on all sorts of devices. The next game changer for your business is only one productive meeting away.

  • Revolutionary features that raise the 7000 Pro series experience to the next level.

  • Everything just one-touch away. Thanks to iQ.

  • Unify your business collaboration technology.

  • Touch, Write, Share

  • Easy to afford. Even easier on your IT team.

  • SMART Meeting Pro® software included

SMART Board® 6000 Pro series Interactive Displays for Corporate Applications

Put more heads together


Sizes 65" & 75"

Businesses achieve more when meeting are productive, and remote colleagues are able to collaborate as well as teams in the same room. The new SMART Board 6000 Pro series with iQ reduces meeting time by looping in more minds, insights and perspectives at once. It’s a catalyst for innovation in the connected age.

  • iQ makes everything one touch away

  • Technology hub for meeting rooms

  • Touch, Write, Share

  • Stretch your Budget

  • SMART Meeting Pro® software included

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