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Copernicus iRover 2 ™ for Interactive Flat Panels (IFP500)

NEW! The laptop tray can now be attached to either side or the back of the iRover 2™

The iRover2™ for Interactive Flat Panels has been developed to aid the transition schools are making from interactive whiteboards to flat panel displays. The frame is specifically designed for rugged school environments. The design and placement of the legs, along with the electric lift function support ease-of-access for all students, including those with special needs accommodations. Adjust and control the flat panel height so it can be easily viewed by different grade levels using the electric lift control.  

Key Features

What makes ours different from other flat panel carts?

  • Specifically designed for rugged school environments

  • Electric lift function to adjust the flat panel height with a 17” range so the flat panel can be easily viewed by different grade levels (requires power)

  • Large ergonomic handles to aid mobility and protect the screen from bumps in transport

  • 5” swivel casters to aid maneuverability (2 locking)

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​BalanceBox® - A Height Adjustable Mount for Touchscreen Displays

Easily Move a Large Touchscreen Display Up or Down. A great accessory for interactive flat panel displays. Valley can install these mounts on a New or Existing display.


Move your display with only a light touch and no electric connection needed!  3 solutions available:  400, 650 & 400h 

The trend in today's audio visual market is interactivity: touchscreen displays in classrooms, training centers, video conferencing rooms and on the production floor. To allow each participant to enjoy the benefits of the interactive system, we developed the BalanceBox®: an innovative height adjustable mount solution based on a unique technology with great features. Move your display to any vertical position that you want with the use of just your fingertip. The BalanceBox® is truly unique and very user-friendly as no electric connection is needed. The BalanceBox® gives you ultimate comfort, is extremely reliable and safe. The BalanceBox® is simply the best height adjustable solution in today's market and lets you get the most out of your audio visual experience.

Features and Benefits

  • Spring Based Mechanical Height Adjustment
  • Smooth & Effortless
  • Use with Touchscreens, SMART Boards, Interactive Projectors
  • Adjustment Range of 15.75 Inches or 25.6 Inches
  • No Motor, No Power Connections Needed
  • 60 Degree Tilt Option (55” Displays)