Tech Tubs™


Copernicus Educational Products

Tech Tubs™ offer a direct alternative to high cost, heavy and oversized tech storage and charging solutions.

  • Designed to be secure, highly mobile and modular, the Tech Tub™ supports a “grow your own technology” approach to purchasing. 
  • Each Tub is designed to carry, charge and sync between 5-7 iPad®s, Chromebooks or other notebooks
  • Tech Tubs™ can store devices in their individual protective cases
  • Flexibility ensures that schools are not locked into one type of device and have the choice to purchase other models at a price that makes sense
  • Made from high impact ABS plastic to provide security and avoid abuse
  • Light enough for students or teachers to carry
  • A flexible approach to pricing
  • The modular approach also allows you to purchase further features and build the Tub to suit your needs

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