NEC Digital Laser Projector


Designed for auditoriums with screens (up to 32.8 ft. wide), NEC's NC1040L is the first DCI compliant RGB Laser DLP cinema projector. Delivering precise 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution, 3-D capabilities and high contrast images (2000:1), this model is easy to operate, extremely user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance.



BrightLink® Pro 1430Wi Projector

BrightLink® Pro
Collaborative Meeting Room Solutions

3300 Lumens WXGA BrightLink Pro 1430Wi Projector

BrightLink Pro 1430Wi integrates the utility of your whiteboard, projector and interactive display and easily connects to video conferencing equipment. It turns any surface into an interactive area on which you can annotate.

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SMART kapp iQ - The Interactive Display Re-Imagined

The only multi-way, interactive display that combines the simplicity of a traditional whiteboard with the power of an Ultra HD display.

Imagine an Ultra HD display with a built-in whiteboard that enables multi-way inking between any combination of devices, anywhere in the world - simultaneously. Sound magical? We thought so too.

SMART kapp iQ lets everyone, whether in the meeting room or classroom, see what is being written in real time. But it doesn't  stop there. Every participant can contribute to the display from their device. When they do, their writing instantly appears on th e display and on everyone else's device.

It's true multi-way collaboration, where work can be saved at any time to a storage service, like Evernote™.

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SMART kapp - Digital Capture Board

The Dry-Erase Board Reinvented. An easy replacement for any dry-erase board or flip chart

A remarkable transformation from the dull, outdated dry-erase board or flip chart, SMART kapp combines true ease of use with the ability to share and save work in real time, on any device, anywhere in the world. 

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Tech Tub™ Cart

Copernicus Educational Products

Tech Tub™ Cart with 4 Premium Tech Tubs™ - Holds 24 Tablets (TEC624)

This mobile cart holds 4 Tech Tubs™ and has locking doors to provide added security. The cart fits through standard 30” doorways. Tech Tub™ Carts are an ideal solution for transporting devices from one location to another or used as a central resource for storing tech devices.

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3-In-1 Interactive Easel


Copernicus Educational Products

3 interactive positions in one mobile unit - Easel, Tabletop and Floor

Incorporating 3 interactive modes in 1 mobile unit alleviates common space and storage constraints in the classroom. It supports diverse learning methods for group and independent learning. The 3 in 1 is developmentally appropriate for PreK-3 students including those with special needs.

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Dewey - Document Camera Stand


Copernicus Educational Products

Turn your iPad®2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2, iPad® Mini, Mini 2 and iPad® Mini 3 into a document camera by utilizing the iPad®s camera.

You can share work and ideas in just about any location. Alternatively, simply kick back your heels and use it as a stand for your device, allowing you to tap along to music apps or create a digital artistic masterpiece.

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