Valley Communications supplies products and services for Audio-Visual, Security, and Telephone Systems under State and Non-State Contracts.

Audio Visual Contracts

OFF40 | Massachusetts State Contract

Audio, Video, Studio Production, Presentation Equipment & Systems, Peripherals, Supplies, Accessories & Related Services.

Contact: Mike Tremble
413.592.4136 ext.180

19PSX0015 | Connecticut State Contract

Professional and/or consumer grade Audio, Video and Photographic Equipment, related Peripherals and Supplies to all Connecticut State agencies and participating Connecticut cities and towns, school boards and not-for-profit organizations.

BOR-14-09 | Board of Regions for Higher Education Contract

Includes: Hardware-Various Products

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Contact: Justin Trudeau
413.592.4136 ext. 158

Telephone Contract

ITT50 | Massachusetts State Contract

On-Premise Converged Telephone Systems, Services and Equipment

Contact: Charlie Tremble
1.800.522.4136 ext. 125

Contract Summary

This statewide contract is for the acquisition of enterprise communication (telephony and data, including VoIP) systems, services, equipment, associated peripherals and accessories. Services include network assessment, design, engineering, integration, management, maintenance and consulting for telephony systems and their associated data networks.

Benefits and Cost Savings

Massachusetts Statewide contracts are an easy way to obtain benefits for your organization by leveraging the Commonwealth’s buying power, solicitation process, contracting expertise, vendor management and oversight, and the availability of environmentally preferable products.

  • Volume discounts

  • Contract flexibility to add new products and services as technology changes


ITT50 Valley Communications Systems Cost Tables

ITT50 User Guide (pdf)

Security Contract

ITC71 | Massachusetts State Contract

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Contract for Security, Surveillance and Access Control Systems. 

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Contact: Jim Page
1.800.522.4136 ext.120