Clickshare | Wireless Presentation/Collaboration System

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ClickShare lets you share your content on the large meeting room screen in the most intuitive way possible. Cables are no longer needed: just start your presentation by simply pushing a button – whether of a USB-device you connect to your laptop PC or MAC, or by using the user-friendly app for iPhone, iPad, or Android. What’s more, ClickShare also automatically displays the most optimal resolution, without messing up the layout on your laptop. The ClickShare presentation system not only made inroads in many meeting rooms around the world, it has been lauded with numerous industry awards as well. The secret of its success? Its easy set-up, single button interface, the absence of cables and excellent collaboration features.


Two Flavors of ClickShare

In order to perfectly answer your needs, ClickShare comes in two flavors: the CSM Base Unit (for standard meeting rooms) and the full-featured CSC Base Unit (optimized for high-profile meeting rooms, boardrooms and conference rooms). In this way, you choose exactly the system you need. 


Wireless presentation system for standard meeting rooms


Full-featured wireless presentation system for high-profile meeting rooms and boardrooms

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