Awarded State Contracts

Valley Communications supplies products and services for Audio-Visual, Security, and Telephone Systems under a number of State Contracts.


OFF30 | Massachusetts State Contract
Professional and/or consumer grade Audio, Video, Studio Production, Presentation Equipment and Systems, Photographic Equipment, Peripherals, Supplies, Accessories and Related Services. View OFF30 Discount List and Contract Wages
Contact: Mike Tremble 413.592.4136 ext.180

10PSX0104 | Connecticut State Contract
Professional and/or consumer grade Audio, Video and Photographic Equipment, related Peripherals and Supplies to all Connecticut State agencies and participating Connecticut cities and towns, school boards and not-for-profit organizations.
Contact:Ryan Wood 413.592.4136 ext. 153



B-05-019 | Connecticut State Contract
Telecommunications Equipment and Services.
Contact: Chris Sorensen 413.592.4136 ext. 122

ITT50 | Massachusetts State Contract
Converged Telephony Systems, Services and Equipment
Detailed ITT50 Information



FAC64 | Massachusetts State Contract
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Contract for Security, Surveillance and Access Control Systems. 
Detailed FAC64 Information
Contact: Jason Boutet 413.592.4136 ext.194